Project assignment/mandate

The Project assignment or project mandate defines the task assigned to the project manager by the project owner and is a formal delivery agreement between the two parties. The Project assignment must be prepared at the beginning of the project (DG0) and maintained throughout the project life-cycle.

The purpose of the Project assignment is to:

  • Define the task assigned to the project manager
  • Ensure that the assignment is clearly defined, understood and accepted by all parties
  • Clearly define the responsibilities of all parties
  • Delegate the necessary authority to the project manager or product owner (Scrum) on behalf of the customer´s organisation

Important tasks and actions

  • Upload the Project assignment to your project’s team site if available and link it into your Project manual.
  • The project assignment is a dynamic document that should be updated throughout the whole project lifetime.
  • After passing a Decision gate (DGx), archive the Project assignment and make a copy of it with new name “Project assignment at <DGx+1> for <Project name>”.