General consulting
Some companies do not have an IT-strategy, or have difficulties seeing the connection between their business strategy and IT strategy. Other companies needs help to solve project related issues, or need an objective evaluation of different issues. Contact us to find a way to solve your company´s specific challenges.

Prosjektservice has long experience from project- and program management of different kinds of projects. We can manage your project, or assist you in a management-for-hire context.

Do you need to establish project management practice within your company? Do you have inexperienced project managers needing mentoring or coaching? Do you have a steering committee not functioning? Let us tailor your mentoring or coaching requirements.

Start-up service
The start-up phase of a project is often critical. Some project managers struggle to get started. They might need a push in the right direction? Prosjektservice can offer checklists for start-up, methodology training, competence mapping and other useful start-up services.

Consulting services within methodology and best practice, including PMI, CVP and Scrum. This web-page also contains documentation and templates to be used in general project management.

Training etc

Prosjektservice arranges training classes within most knowledge areas:

  • Project management
  • Coaching
  • Risk management
  • Cost/benefit analysis / business case
  • Estimating
  • SAP PS

We also offer to facilitate all kinds of workshops and meetings.